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Whether on a Saturday jaunt through the backroads of Arizona, straddling the fence at a local rodeo, exploring the less traveled roads of New Mexico & California or on a Faery-led adventure in Ireland, I will introduce you to the wildlife of the Sonoran Desert, the songbirds that sing in the Mesquite bosques, and share with you my love of horse and donkey.

You will find within these pages scenic glimpses of the Desert Southwest in all its seasons, as well as amazing slices of scenery from the West Coast of Ireland, the wilds of Connemara, and the ruins that speak to her history.

Every camera & every photographer has a story all their own. Some stories will only be shared when the boxes of photographs are unearthed in an attic long after the photographer's voice has been silenced. I have decided to share my voice & my slices of beauty. My wish is to touch the hearts and lives of many through these frozen moments in time.

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Guestbook for Rincon Creek Studios
Please let me know if you ever have a book published of your work, I would buy one!
G Dewey Powell(non-registered)
Nicely done Sparky!!
Sandy Reay(non-registered)
I love the photos you took of the 2014 Cimarron Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering. As a former event photographer, I appreciate your work. Thank you for letting me use them on the CCMPG web site. I am delighted to give you photo credit.
Elaine M. rush(non-registered)
Awesome pictures, love them all, horses, mountains, all nature.
Beautiful pictures - makes me homesick. I miss Tucson!